Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat, give me some beer to drink

It was another fun Halloween in the Good Burp neighborhood. Drank some great beer. Made a few new friends, and scored a huge stash of candy. I must say, a job well done.

The doorbell was ringing before I opened my first beer. Sorry, but the kids had to wait until I was ready. How many times are they allowed to ring the doorbell by the way? Seriously, let me pop the cap off first. Thank you.
I asked for some of your favorite Halloween beers last week. I received 1 recommendation. That's it, just 1. At least is was from the Beer Budha. He knows what he is talking about. However, even with his helpful information, I still ended up with the beers I thought I would.

The first beer of the night was Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewery. I knew I was going to drink it on Halloween night the day I bought it. And I'm happy I did.
As I walked around the neighborhood, it became quite the conversation starter. The fellas were sure interested in the "Man" sized bottle of beer I was carrying around. It sure made those little bottles of Miller Lite and Heineken seem "girly". And it helped open the door for a few beer conversations.
As much as I enjoyed drinking the Dead Guy Ale, I think it served a higher purpose. It was a means of spreading the amazing, and sometimes a little bit scary, word of beer. Thanks to my beer, and my big mouth, it looks like I have become one of the most popular guys in the neighborhood. Once the word "kegerator" was mentioned, the next words were something like, "which house is yours again" and "how often are you brewing beer" and my favorite, "when can I come over"?
-Happy Halloween.

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