Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brewest Continued

Where was I? O, getting intoxicated. Just kidding I was up to beer number 10.

10. Oskar Blues - Mama's Little Yella Pils. This was the first big disappointment of the day. I really like Oskar Blues. It is the only brewery that I will buy in a can. They really make some nice beers. But this just isn't one of them. I'll say it with my notes, "Almost Not Good. Ugh, it's not good. Bummer". It wasn't good. It was a bit sour, and bland, and dare I say Budweiser like. As much as I want to give it a good grade, and am struggling to give it this one. Grade: 2 burps

11. Flying Dog - Old Scratch Amber Lager. (Smile). Was there really a need to try this beer? Actually yes, there was. After that last one, I needed a great beer to get me back in the mood. And what better was to do that than with a Flying Dog. We all know this is a kick ass beer. One of my favorites. I've reviewed and gushed about it before. So just do yourself a favor and go out and buy some for yourself. Grade: 4 Burps.

12. Flying Dog - Classic Pale Ale. Why stop? I was already at the table, and I still had plenty of tickets left. So why not one for the road. Besides, I was talking to the guy pouring the beer, how awesome Flying Dog is. He agreed, and topped me off once more. Classic Pale Ale is a great beer overall. It isn't extreme, and it is such an enjoyable beer that you can't stop with just one. This is becoming the beer I give to people to get them hooked on microbrews. Grad: 4 burps

13. Breckenridge - Vanilla Porter. This is a really nice beer. I am not a fan of vanilla. Don't like it as an ice cream, and I don't like it in my Diet Coke. However, that small amount in the beer really makes it different. In fact, I really enjoyed it. This would be a perfect beer for a cold winter evening. The vanilla is not overpowering, yet you can taste it. With the malts, it makes this beer so smooth. Grade: 3 1/2 burps

14. Guinness - 250 Anniversary Stout. I should have known as soon as I watched the girl try to pour it from a pitcher. They had filled pitchers then tried to pour them into the sample cups. It was all kinds of bad. The pitchers were more than filled with foam,and not much beer. It was a disgrace honestly. We all love Guinness. But they really messed it up. I don't think it would be fare to grade it.

15. Port Brewing - Panzer Imperial Stout. This is a hoppy beer. Since I've been on a hops binge lately, I'm getting a little burned out honestly. But this was still a good beer. It's very flavorful, and not finished clean. I actually liked it, even though it didn't fit my idea of an Imperial Stout. There are far better choices when it comes to this style of beer. But if you are a fan of Port Brewing, then you will like it. Grade: 3 1/2 burps

16. Avery - White Rascal. "This is a good beer. In my opinion, this is a beer for the seasoned drinker." It's a White, which I usually don't enjoy. So why did I like it? Honestly, I don't know. I wasn't past the point of no return, but I was getting there. It's a Belgium style so I would have passed at this point in the day. I don't understand my grade. So don't hold me to it. Grade: 4 burps. (This has got to be wrong. I'm going to buy a bottle and try it again next week)

17. Santan Brewery - Sun Devil Ale. The first thing I noticed was the hops. They were strong. I can't read my notes. But I do see the words, "but I'm not buying". So I don't think I liked it. Grade: 3 burps.

18-?. I can't read it. By this time, it had been about 2 - 3 hours of "sampling". I did have a few more than once. And I had a few more that I didn't write down. I know I had a Dogfish Head, something else from Alaskan, one from Anderson Valley, another one from a can, and something organic. But I don't remember what they were.

As much as I wanted to write more, and be more descriptive, I couldn't. It was hard to walk, and write, and drink and take pictures. But I tried.

Well that's the list. Some were better than others. Some I will try again (next week). Some I won't. But I still had fun.


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