Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Beerfest, Brewfest review

I did it. I managed to make it through another beerfest for you, my fans. This was the first of what I hope to be more Southwest Brewfests. Overall, it was worth it. Not the best beerfest by any means, but I still enjoyed myself.

I was on a slow pace this time. There wasn't as many beers to choose from. I wasn't going to stand in line, nor attempt to try Negra Modelo, Coors, or Killian's Irish Red. That is not my style. I was looking for the beers that I have yet to try. Overall, I think it was a job well done.

So without further fodder, here is the list.

1. Grimbergen - Abbey Ale. This was an awesome beer. It was different and so good. I loved it. What a way to start off a beerfest. The guy pouring it said it was a Double Bock. But this is the guy who was setting up the Co2 tanks at the last beerfest. So I'm not taking his word for it. It was on line with a Belgium style ale. It was sweet, but no to the point where it bothered me. Overall it's a flavorful beer. Grade - 4 burps

2. Alaskan - Baltic Porter. I was hit with a strong, almost overpowering coffee taste. It also has a very nutty taste. However, it is still a nice beer. But I still don't think I will be picking up a sixer of it any time soon. Grade - 3 burps

3. Cucapa - I missed the name, and it isn't on their website. But I will tell you, hey poured it from a can! It had a picture of a man, or a monster on the bottle. But honestly, it doesn't matter, because I didn't like it. It was very dry. Not something I was expecting. I think they labeled it a Pilsner style. It had a slight malty flavor with a bit of nutty hops aroma. Overall, it was a weak beer that I didn't enjoy. Grade - 2 burps

4. Lost Abbey - Devotion Ale. Damn I love this brewery. Just about everything they make is a beer of art. And Devotion Ale is not different. Again, I am not a fan of the Belgium style ales, but these guys are converting me. This is a great beer, especially for a fan of this style. Grade - 3 1/2 Burps

5. Lost Abbey - Red Barn Ale. Again, this is a Belgium style ale without that over sweet flavor. Had a nice, clean finish with any aftertaste. I like it for the style. You just gotta love a beer that has a cork. Grade - 3.5 Burps

6. The Bruery - Black Orchard. This is my first time ever trying this brewery. Based in Orange County, this brewery is doing something right. So why haven't I tried them before? The Black Orchard was a good beer. I was beginning to see trend here. It was a Belgium style ale, but not a sweet as I was expecting. Good thing. Good beer. Grade - 3.5 Burps

7. The Burery - Trade Winds. Can you guess the style? Yep, a Belgium ale. However, this was a little different for a Triple. It was sweet, but not like candy. And not to the point where I hated it. It was actually enjoyable. I think I still enjoyed the Black Orchard a little more. Grade - 3 Burps

8. Coronado - Mermaids Red. This was another first. It was a typical red, nothing special. The guy pouring it was all excited, trying to tell me it was "an awesome beer". No, it wasn't. I guess that is why he was pouring instead of drinking. I can't tell you that I hated it, but I can't tell you that I liked it. It's just, o.k. Grade - 2.5 burps

9. Speakeasy - Untouchable Pale Ale. This is a good beer. I really liked it. It was had a nice flower hops aroma. Not like an IPA, but fits the Pale Ale style very well. I guess it might lean toward the hops side of the scale for some. Grade - 3 Burps

This brings us to the halfway point of the day. I'll finish up tomorrow, with some pictures. Until then, have a good night.

- Prosit!

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