Sunday, November 29, 2009

Total Wine doesn't care.

After my encounter at Total Wine last week, absolutely nothing happened. Nothing at all.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised. Total Wine has come by Good Burp and read some of the posts before. They have even left a comment from time to time. And recently, they started following me on Twitter. So after the issue I had with them last week, I thought they might post a comment attempting to explain their side of the story. But it didn't happen.

Honestly, I didn't write the post to get their attention. I wrote the post because I write about my adventures with beer. I'm sure fellow beer fans in my area frequent Total Wine. So I wanted to share my experience.

I'm left with the opinion that Total Wine doesn't care. They don't care how their employees treat the customers. They don't care what their customers think. In fact, it seems like Total Wine just doesn't care about their customers at all.

Then there is BevMo. BevMo goes out of their way to show their customers that they are important. In fact, they go above and beyond. Can anyone out there tell me that a CEO of a major company contacted them over an issue in a store? Anyone? Anyone?

I can. Alan Johnson, CEO of BevMo contacted me. But he wasn't the only one. The store manager and the District manager both called to apologize and attempt to make things right. Believe me when I tell you, they did.

There really is a difference between BevMo and Total Wine.


Unlike the people at BevMo.


Rob said...

Mr Good Burp, Indeed, Total Wine has reached out to you, last Friday in fact, yet you haven't replied.

Please See the fourth comment posting here:

As stated in that message, Total Wine wants to make it right, however we need a means to contact you directly, which is not available via a contact link in your blog as far as we can see.

Our District Manager would like to contact you. If you would kindly contact me with your phone number or other means to directly reach you, we'd appreciate it. I may be contacted at rhill-at-totalwine-dot-com.

Or if you prefer, you may contact me via phone at (301) 795-1000 ext 424

Rob Hill

Kels Bells said...
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