Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Queen drinks Dogfish

Late week the Queen surprised me when she uttered the words. "I think I am starting to like beer". At that point, my heart grew just a little bit. My love for her increased to a level never before reached.

I had no idea that that level could go any higher. How could my love for such an amazing woman, who was starting to like beer grow any larger?

I just found out.

A I am sitting here, typing out this amazing blog post, The Queen is drinking a pint of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. I have a little tear right now. Can you believe it? My wife is drinking a serious beer. A beer that some of my friends can't even handle. A beer that God himself gave to Sam to create.

I love this beer, and I love this woman.


You know what, I just remembered that The Queen thinks Sam is "cute". Do you think she is drinking his beer just to get closer to him? We will find out next week.


Brian P said...

You sir are a lucky man. A great woman who drinks good beer is often hard to come by.

Stoney said...

Yup that's Daddy's little girl!

Good Burp said...

Yes, I am a lucky man.