Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Draft's Big Pour Beer list

Here it is, my list. It is an impressive list. However, much of it I can't read. I was writing so fast, and sharing the LPN with The Queen. I missed a few here and there, but got the bulk of them. So here we go.

1. Ayinger - Oktoberfest. I was beyond excited to try this. I can't get it anywhere. Imagine my excitement when I say that tap handle. Pure joy. Ayinger is one of my favorite German Breweries. Their Oktoberfest Marzen solidified my opinion. Grade: 4 Burps

2. Coney Island - ___________. I don't know what it was. It was one of the tables where nobody seemed to know what was going on. I was excited to try Coney Island though. Grade: 3 Burps

3. Alpine Beer Co. - Captain Stout. It was weak for a Stout. Very thin on the pallet. Had a heavy coffee flavor with a tart finish. Grade: 3 Burps

4. Big Sky Brewing - Bi ere De Noel. This was a treat. A limited edition, bottle conditioned Belgian style Ale brewed for the holidays. It was so smooth. I really liked this one. It was a nicely rounded beer. Grade: 4 Burps

5. Lost Abbey - Devotion Ale. I've had this before. And I try to have it as much as I can. These guys are quickly moving up my favorite brewery list. Devotion Ale is a must beer for anyone who enjoys beer. Grade: 4 Burps

6. Port Brewing - Santa's Little Helper. A great name for a great beer. Port has been turning out some amazing beers lately. This Imperial Winter Stout was good, but not awesome. For a winter style stout, it leaned a little to much on the hops, and a little bitter. I still prefer Avery's Stout over Port's. Grade: 3.5

7. Coronado Brewing Co. - Orange Beer. That's not the name, but it was something Orange. I didn't want to try it, but I felt bad for the woman pouring. She actually works for the Brewery, and was excited about it. Although sh said it wasn't for everyone. Count me in that group. Ugh, I didn't like it. I don't like fruit in my beer. Grade: 2 Burps

8. Coronado Brewing Co. - Islander IPA. This was better. Not my favorite from these guys. I enjoyed their Mermaids Red Ale I tried last week more. But it's a descent beer. Grade: 3 Burps

I'm going to stop here, because this is where the beer "got good"! I actually had the opportunity to talk to who worked for the breweries who were pouring the great beers.


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