Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Burp, the website

That's right, Good Burp will soon have a it's own Website. A site to enjoy more Good Burp.

With a blog, you can only do so much. You can write about the things you like, or know, or hate, or just about anything else. In my case, I love to write about beer. A blog is fine for doing that. However, I am ready to take it to the next level.

I have been slow to update posts, the beers I've been drinking, reviews of the beer, and photos of beer, because blogger just can't handle it. My plan for 2010 was to organize the beer reviews, and start a new beer list, and start a gallery. I wanted to improve the overall appearance and content of Good Burp. But it just hasn't worked out the way I had hoped it would.

By next week, I should have Good Burp 1.0 up and running. It's going to take some time to get all the photos uploaded, list the beers I've tried that past 2 years, and write the reviews of the beers I've evaluated.

But don't worry, I Good Burp isn't going anywhere. I will still write blog post about beer and my adventures with beer. I will link both sites to each other so you can jump from one to the other. There is just going to be more Good Burp to love.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Good news, my liver is OK

I had to go to the Doctor on Friday. Don't worry, I'm fine. Just a routine check up for some of the meds I take. No big deal.

The cool thing about my Doc, he likes beer. We usually spend a good 5 or 10 minutes talking about beer. What we have tried, where the best places in town to go drink beer, and about my blog. This Doc is so cool because his uncle is one of the Widmer Brothers.

Anyways, he was asking me about my typical week of "beer testing". I tried to explain to him that I was currently on a fast (which I broke tonight) due to a stupid bet I made with my friend. I told him that I usually only have 1 or 2 on the weekends since January. I was trying to cut back. Hey, we all hold back when we talk to our doctors, unless it means we are getting better meds if the pain is worse.

He asked me this zinger, "How many times have you been drunk in the past year?"

Hmmmm, I had to stop and think about that one. His definition of "drunk" and my definition of "drunk" are probably quite different. Besides, I have been training for a long time, and it takes me quite a while to get to a condition where I would consider myself drunk.

So I counted. The last time was after the 30 something samples at the last beer fest. That makes 1. This summer, when every one threw up in my front yard, I was hurting pretty good that night as well. Lets say that is 2. What was Friday, and when would the cut off be? I don't know, the pressure was getting to me. So I blurted out 3.

You know what his response was? "Three, that is close to pushing it." Really? Only 3 times a year is pushing it? Who knew. Then in a nearly passing manner, he asked me about my liver. I said it was fine. Then he told me to lay down, and said "No, I want to check your liver."

What? Really? I'm not even 40 yet, and I consider myself to be in descent shape. I lost 5 pounds last week. Do you really need to check my liver? "Yes."

He proceeded to push really hard around the area for a minute or so. What was he checking for? I have no idea. But I do know this, my liver is A.O.K! Awesome!

Then he asked my where I was planning on going for vacation this year. I told him Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, and Copenhagen. "Are you going to Oktoberfest" he asked excitedly. I told him no, not this year. "It starts on the 18th right?" Honestly, I didn't know for sure, but my Doctor did. Isn't that awesome!

I left the office with a bag full of goodies, and a smile on my face. My liver was good. So what is today, February 15th? I guess I can only get drunk 2 more times this year because I celebrated Friday night!


Monday, February 8, 2010

What would you do for $100?

I must have had way to much to drink the other night. Apparently, I agreed to answer the question stated above. What would I do for $100? Give up beer.

I know, I know, how could I be so stupid to give up drinking my beloved beer for the mere sum of $100? What was I thinking? Honestly, I wasn't.

Here is the story.

April and I met with our most favorite, and awesome friends the Schlampes. We met up at Gordon Biersch on Saturday night to talk about our upcoming Beercation, I mean Eurotrip 2010. It was happy hour, and the beers were flowing. I was trying to get my moneys worth.

By the time we sat down for dinner, I was really happy. And when I am happy, I agree to stupid things which I normally would never do, like agree to see who can loose 20 pounds the fastest. You heard that right, I agreed to a stupid bet with a mind full of hops and malt. All for $100.

It hit me yesterday that in order to win this stupid bet, I would have to pull out all the stops. The main stop being my kegerator and beer fridge. If I want to win this, and God knows I do, I have to give up beer.

So I am calling it the race to 20! It isn't about the money, or bragging rights. It is a race to drink beer again. I worked out twice today. Yes, 2 times! And I'm going to do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and then continue down that long and sober road until I get a phone call, or until that scale tells me I win.

Aside from getting that tattoo, this has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever agreed to do. I am already thinking about quitting. I just picked up a few new beers Friday night for the Super Bowl. Instead, I drank Diet Coke. Now I know how Peyton Manning feels, even though I was pulling for Breese and the Saints.

-No Cheers tonight.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Total Wine, a follow up

A few months ago, I had a little run in with the manager at my local Total Wine and More. You might remembe that, I wrote a post a about it. Since I've been catching everyone up on some old posts, I figured it was about time to catch you up on this one.

After I wrote about the issue at Total Wine, it didn't take long for me to be contacted by the people running things. In fact, they contacted before I even realized it. The Business Development Manager, Rob Hill started to follow me on Twitter, and attempted to contact me by posting comments om my posts.

I have been through this before, and I was again a little apprehensive to reply so quickly. Before I knew it, I was on the phone talking to Mr. Hill about my incident at his store.

We talked for some time, and I will tell you it was a complete pleasure. Mr Hill is a very nice man. He was very concerned about what had happened. He asked that I tell him my story, which I did. He apologized for the situation, and assured me that it wasn't something that they (as a company) tolerated.

When we were finished with our conversation, he asked if it would be alright if he had the District Manager, Mr. Sowden contact me and if I wouldn't mind telling him my story, which I did a few days later.

To my enjoyement, Mr. Sowden and Mr. Hill are both beer men. I have must have talked to Mr. Sowden for 20 minutes just about beer. I learned about the founders of Total Wine and that even though they are called Total Wine, beer runs deep in their veins.

I have talked to Mr. Hill on several occasions sine then. Each time, it has been a pleasure. I've also stopped by my local Total Wine a few times to pick up some seasonal and single bottles of different brews which I have yet to try or review (I have so many to write about).

Did I mention that Total wine has a close relationship with non other than Dogfish Head? I didn't? How could I have forgot? But yes, it's true. And I absolutely loved the Dogfish Head Squall IPA!

So now you are up to date on yet another cliffhanger from Good Burp. I'm sure there are a few more, but lets move on.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sun Devil Ale no more

Just a brief follow up to the San Tan Brewing Company v. ASU rumble.

It's over.

Sun Devil Ale is no more. It will now be known as Devil's Ale. Same beer, just without the "Sun". From what I hear, ASU likes the name.

What is funny about the new name is who inspired it. The owner of San Tan Brewing Co., Anthony Canecchia is giving the credit to Terri Schafer. What is so funny about Terri Schafer? Nothing really. But the fact that Mr. Schafer is the Associate Vice President of Public Affairs for Arizona State Univesity is really funny.

I thought it was funny anyway.

So I say, way to go Terry. Thanks for the help.