Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is the perfect beer for Halloween?

I love Halloween, and I love beer. This year, they are both going to be enjoyed on a Saturday night. Yes, I am a little excited.

Halloween is a huge deal in my neighborhood. It's like a ginormous block party. Everyone is out, there are parties everywhere. People set up tables with food and drinks for kids and parents alike. But the best part is sitting on the front porch, drinking some great beer with the guys.

But what is the best beer to drink on Halloween? Last year I spent the night going through a couple offerings from Reaper Ale. I think it was a great choice for the night. If anything says "Halloween Beer", it's any offering from Reaper Ale.

But this year, I need to find something new. I have been thinking about it for the past week. So I ask you my beer swilling friends, what is the perfect beer for this Halloween?
I have come up with a few ideas. Let me know your thoughts.
1. Stone Brewing Co. Anything from them would be a safe choice. Sure, their labels kick ass. But their beer is even better. I was leaning here at first. But I think it is just a little to obvious.

2. Reaper Ale. Again, a safe choice. But they have a few other offering that I can try. Aside from the Redemption Red, I could go with the Mortality Stout, Ritual Dark Ale, or the Inevitable Ale. I like these choices, a lot. To be honest, I think one of these will end up in my Trick or Treat bag before the night is over.
3. Rogue. Dead Guy Ale. To help celebrate the evening, I will be sporting my Dead Guy Ale t-shirt. I think it will go well with the events. But I don't want to be "that guy" wearing the t-shirt, and drinking the beer.

I know there are so many other choices out there. But what do you guys think? What are you going to be drinking? Let me know.


Beerbuddha said...

I got two that I can recommend:

1) Belzebuth- 13% ABV and the name says it all!

2) Schmaltz Freaktoberfest- 6.66% ABV. 6 hops and 6 different malts and also pours a blood red.


Beer Buddha

Good Burp said...

Thanks Buddha. I am going to try to track them down. 13% ABV sounds like a good time.