Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bud Light Golden Wheat?

Are you kidding me? First it was Bud Light Chelada. Then it was Bud Light Lime. Now it's Bud Light Golden Wheat? What the hell is this all about?

Bud light has become the CSI of beers. In their attempt to market yet another variation of their Bud Light series of beers, Anheuser Busch gives you Bud Light Golden Wheat. An unfiltered wheat beer brewed with "wheat malt, coriander, and citrus peels".

Could it be that InBev (Anheuser Busch) actually cares about making a nice tasting beer? No, it's just marketing. I'm sure it is nothing more than a direct attempt to gain market share from the Miller Coors Blue Moon drinkers? That seems to be the beer with the largest demand these days. A beer that most uneducated beer drinkers think is a craft brewed beer.

Don't expect a review of it here. It's not going to happen. That's not the kind of beer drinker I am. Plus, I don't think A/B ever intended for me to drink one. If they did, they are really stupid. Your average beer snobs will avoid this beer like the Swine Flu.

There are plenty of other "Wheat" style beers out there if you want one. Do yourself a favor, and try any of of them before you actually waste your hard earned money on a bottle of anything with a Bud Light label on it.



Keith Brainard said...

I have to say that Bud Light Wheat is a pretty good beer. It has a lot of flavor considering the source. If the price was right, I'd consider buying it. It's not worth $10 for a six pack, but maybe $6 could tempt me. But it is not a Wit, though they claim the spices, they aren't noticable, but compared to regular Bud Light, this is a great beer.

Good Burp said...

Keith, I like your take. However, I still think it's more about market share than anything else. But I appreciate your input.
By the way, just about any beer is a great beer compared to Bud Light

Keith Brainard said...

Of course it is all about market share! Isn't that what they're all after? If Jolly Pumpkin (or whichever very small brewer you think of) could make their product on a scale to secure 50% of the market, they would.

Good Burp said...

Keith, I feel like we are in a round table here. I will agree with you. I'm sure (even if they deny it) most small microbrewers would love to have 50% of the market. But, I still believe that the majority of them would rather make good, quality beers and never even think about market share. I forgot the statistic, but isn't it something like less than 1% of the market that a brewery like Dogfish Head has? Someday, I hope I could have less than 1%.
I really appreciate you posting.
I think we are on the same page. However, I will still refuse to try it, or just about any other AB product.
By they way, I love your blog.

Koddy said...

Hi Good Burp!
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