Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beercation - part 3

Jamaica started off a little rough. First, we were about 30 minutes late getting to our bus. Then we had to wait another hour while Louie, our tour guide and driver, waited for Vagina. (Imagine my laughter when he told us that) I guess "Virginia" had a group of 20 people for another tour bus, but she was late. Louie asked if I would go back to the boat and page Vagina....but I thought it was better if I didn't.

Eventually, at the stroke of 9:30, we were off. Louie drove us around the different areas of town so we could experience the good, and the bad. He wanted to show us how the different groups of people lived. I'm really glad he did. I have a different perspective of Jamaica because of it. Eventually, we stopped off at a little shop to do buy some Jamaican crap. I had to try some more rum, get a beer, and buy a Bob Marley t-shirt.

Beer 30-31 - Kingston Pilsner. From my notes. "It's better than Red Stripe. It was a typical lager style beer. I wasn't expecting much, but it's worth the $3.00". Grade - 3 burps

Beer 32 - Red Strip. I had to have one. I was in Jamaica. All I was missing was a big joint, and I would have fit right in. It would have been easy. I was offered "Smoke" 9 times throughout the day. Grade - 2 1/2 burps

Beer 33-35 - Guinness Foreign Extra. Dom, dis is good beir mon. I am a fan of Guinness, but I had no idea this Guinness existed. It is hot in Jamaica, and I never really understood why they wanted to drink a stout in that kind of heat. Now I know, because it is so awesome! Foreign Extra isn't like the Guinness we get here in the states. It is so much better. I absolutely loved it. There I was, sitting on the beach, drinking a Guinness and eating Jerk chicken (which also kicked ass). The think that sucks about Guinness Foreign Extra, it isn't available here. Grade - 4 burps

Beer 36 - Twisted Lager. I found out there was a brewery in Ocho Rios, with WiFi. So I had to hit it. It's called the Twisted Kilt. No, not the Tilted Kilt, but the Twisted Kilt. Anyways, how can I say this without being mean? From my notes. "No Internet, no t-shirts, no quality beer, welcome to the Twisted Kilt, Jamaica". Yes, there was no WiFi, and they had no t-shirts for sale, and the Twisted Lager wasn't that good. From my notes. "It is really weak and without any flavor. I really wanted to enjoy it, but it is just a weak beer. Honestly, I would avoid it".
Grade - 2 burps

Beer 37 - Twisted Stout. From my notes. "It's good. Guinness like". They only thing they had available was the Twisted Lager. Once we got talking, and they realized I really wanted to try all their beers, they actually tapped a new keg for me. It seemed like they were excited about me being there and wanting to try their stout. They even talked my out of trying their Carib Lager in favor of the newly tapped Stout.

From my notes. "Definitely better than the Twisted Lager. Very smooth, but a light mouth feel. It does have a nice color though. But I think the the cold might have masked some of the flavor". Grade - 3 1/5 burps

It was getting late, and it was time to head back to the ship. I tried one last time to get Ishenne, the waitress, to hook me up with a T-shirt. Again, my charm worked. Ishenne promised to ship a shirt to me if I left her my name and address. It has been 3 weeks now, and still no shirt. Time will tell if she keeps her word.

- Cheers

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