Sunday, November 2, 2008

What happened to November?

I walked into the Home Depot yesterday to get some parts for my kegerator build.

(More on that Later)

I swear I just decorated my house for Halloween last week.

Yep, there are still orange lights and pumpkins on my porch.

I don’t understand. Isn't it November? I sure feels like November.

But 2 miles away at the Depot, it is Christmas time.

What happened to Thanksgiving? I didn’t get to eat turkey. I love turkey.

What happened to the month of November?

If I remember right, our great country got it start, in a round about way, in the great month of November. Our founding fathers landed early because they were running out of beer. How could the Home Depot forget about a monumental occasion such as this?

If they sold beer, I'm sure it would still be November there too.


Practically Joe said...

Home Depot doesn't sell turkeys.
But they do sell Christmas lights and trees.
There is no november at Home Depot ... except for those brown leaf bags and leaf blowers.

Zachary said...

But they do sell turkey fryers ;)

Hey practically Joe! Who the frick are you anyway? I want my November back. Those pilgrims had it rough, and paved the way so you could enjoy your way to freakin' early Christmas decorations and music.

Practically Joe said...

Don't complain to me ... I love both Thanksgiving and Christmas ... they are the only two holidays I have off from work.