Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kegerator, Day 1

I promised I would post pictures of my kegerator build. So, here they are. Only a few. But more to come.

After serious consideration, I decided to go with a Whirlpool 8.9 cubic feet freezer. I could have went with something smaller, but I wanted to be sure I could fit everything in it.

With the 8.9 cubic feet, I can fit Five, 5 Gallon kegs in there. Or I can get 3 kegs, and a carboy. In the long run, I figured it was better to have a little more, than a little less. I did buy it new at Lowes. I looked for a used one, but I just couldn't find what I was looking for.
The first thing I did was insert a screw into the hinge. This was to make sure that the hinge didn't spring back. It is simple enough to do. There is even a picture on the back of the freezer to show you what to do.

Then it was as simple as removing the screws from the lid. There are 4 holes, but only 2 screws. I'm not sure why. Cost cutting move I would guess. After I removed the screws, the lid simply comes off. It is light, so don't worry.
The next step was measuring for the collar. I measured the freezer lip 2 times just to be safe. I even set the lid back on to see how the fitment would be made after I put it all back together. Now I am ready for the wood.
This is as far as I got because I forgot the wood and all the other parts in the back of the wife's truck, and she wasn't home. So this was as far as I was able to get on day 1. I know, uneventful. But day 2 will be more productive, I promise.
So stay tuned to see how things progress.

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