Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No turning back now

They are on their way. There is no changing my mind now. As if I would have anyways. Last night I ordered all the remaining pieces I need to finish my kegerator build.

My ultimate plan is to build a bar to house the freezer / keezer and my beer fridge. But I am in a bit of a hurry because of the party that I will be having in the next few weeks. I need to finish the keezer before I start building the bar. If all goes according to my plan, I will be able to finish it up next weekend with the help of a 4 day weekend.

I am finalizing my blueprints for the bar. I will make a run to the Home Depot this weekend to buy the wood. Time permitting, I will start the build soon thereafter. It is a descent size, so it will take some time. I hope not to long because I really want to get it finished in the next 3 weeks.

I will post the pictures as I go. I appologize for the sloth-like speed of the build. But my job gets in the way of my beer fun. Stay tuned. It will be fun.

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