Sunday, November 23, 2008

Draft Magazine's 1st Beer Festival - Part 1

Draft Magazine knows how to party! In their first attempt at a beer festival, I think it went very well! The beer selection was great, the facility worked well, and two sessions helped control the crowds. Overall, it was a a great time. I can't wait to do it again.The crowd was great. It grew larger as the day went on. No reported fights, nobody falling over drunk, and no one screaming "Rumspringa....woooooow". People were there to drink the beer and have a great time. That is exactly what they did.There was plenty to do if you needed a break. There were games set up all over the field. A large amount of people played "cornhole". (I didn't name it) A game where you throw a bean bag and try to get it into a hole in your opponent's board. I have played this many times. It is fun, and easy to play drunk. I guess that is why it was so popular. I think most of us have played this one. "Beer Pong" has taken the world by storm. Millions of drunk frat guys have made it a mainstream game. So popular in fact, that the cast of "Big Brother" played it after hours. Check out those tables. A simple portable table that you can pack up and take anywhere. I gotta get one.
For those who were not quite drunk enough, "Pop-A-Shot" was usually open. As you can see, there wasn't many people playing. I guess they were all standing in lines for beer instead of throwing up bricks. This is just one of those games that gets more difficult to play, the more you drink. Unlike pong and bowling.
There was a huge tent set up with all kinds of games. Darts, pool, and foosball were the games of choice. There was a crowd in there all day. I'm sure the fact that it provided a great deal of shade made it a popular place to hang out.
One of the most popular events of the day was this, the baseball toss. Samuel Adams set up a pitching net to win all kinds of stuff. You got three pitches. Throw 1, then predict the speed of your next throw. Early on in the day, all you had to do was guess within 5 MPH. That didn't last long because everyone was winning, so they changed it. The rest of the day, you had to guess exactly. I won my first two times, winning a magnet and an old man v-neck golf sweater. All I wanted was a t-shirt. But that stupid wheel didn't like me.

Overall, it was a great time. There was plenty to do when you needed a break from trying all the different beers. It helped break up the day and give you a chance to just hang out and talk to some interesting people. It was a lot of fun.

But what about the beer?

You are going to have to wait until tomorrow for that. This post would just be to long. So check out my thoughts on the beer tomorrow. I even kept a list.


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