Monday, November 17, 2008

My Best Friend Sam

Look what I got in the mail today. It is an autographed copy of the new book "Extreme Brewing" by Sam Calagione. And look at that, it is even personalized to me. Sam and I are like this (my fingers are crossed). How cool am I. I know everyone is going to be so jealous when they see it. I can't help it. I rock!
Aside from the amazing inscription, the best writing in the book is about brewing beer. It is great how Sam goes through the steps of brewing some extreme brews that have made him famous.
For a home brewer, novice or seasoned, it is a great read. Either one will learn something new about brewing beer at home. I loved it. Then again, most anything that educates me about brewing or beer makes a good read.
If you want one, I'm sure he will autograph one for you. Just be sure to tell him that I sent you.


Zachary said...

How do I procure a signed copy of this book? It's actually on my list of books to buy. I would love me a signed copy.

Brian P said...

I bought a copy of the book a few months back but mine is not signed. It is a good read.

Since you are a fan of Sam, like I am, you should check out the article on him in this months New Yorker magazine. It's titled, "A Better Brew" by Burkhard Bilger.

Good Burp said...

Thanks guys!
It is a great book. And I am going to track down a copy of the New Yorker tomorrow.

If you want a copy, go onto the Dogfish Head website. You can order an autographed copy. In the notes, I told them I was a huge fan and asked if it would be possible for Sam to personalize it to me. Sure enough, it worked!