Monday, November 10, 2008

Kegerator Part 1

I finally did it. I bought my freezer to build my 5 tap kergerator, or "Keezer" as most home brewers call it. It is nothing fancy now. But by this time next week, it should be fully functional and pouring up to 5 different beers from a 5 tap tower in my guy room.

My beer fridge just couldn't cut it anymore. There are just to many different beers that I love to keep in stock. That leaves little room for the many different beers I like to try every week. My wife gets upset when I fill up a shelf or two in the main fridge in the kitchen. She says that is what my beer fridge is for.

My plan is to get the keezer functional in the next 10 days. That way, I can enjoy the draft beer while I start the other project. The Bar.

The bar will be built to house the keezer and the beer fridge. If all goes according to my plan, I will have everything built and ready to go for the Holiday season. Who know, maybe I will have a Christmas party. That would be one hell of a party. One of the great ones where the cops show up!



Brian P said...

I am following you close on this Keezer construction. My beer fridge just isn't cutting it and like your wife mine doesn't want all the bottles in the main fidge. We are getting ready to move into a new house and the finished basement is officialy becoming a MAN CAVE. As you know any good man room deserves a great bar so the construction begins asap. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out on your side. Good Luck with the build!!!

Good Burp said...

If I am not to tired when I get home tomorrow, I am going to start cutting the wood. I hope to get the collar built. I will post the pics.
I love my guy room. Every man needs one.