Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new Scottish friend.

Do you see that?
Do ya, do ya?
Do you know what it is?
Sure, they are bottles of Tennent's.
But not regular Tennent's.
It is Tennent's 1885 Lager.
Do you know where I got them?
No, not BevMo.
They were hand delivered to me all the way from the Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow Scotland.
How freaking cool is that!

The Tennent's that I can get here in the states is like that foreign friend you have. He was born in Scotland, but he lives here now. He is still has a Scottish accent, but it's not quite as authentic as it once was.

My new Tennent's is like the old Tennent's older cousin. He still lives in Scotland, but just crossed the pond to visit his cousin for holiday. (I don't think he is going to make it back home). New Tennent's is a true William Wallace loving Scotsman. He loves his country and is proud to wear a kilt.

The story goes something like this. My wife helped this Scottish fellow with his finances. He lives in Scotland, and comes to the states to visit family every year for the holidays. He keeps money in accounts here so he doesn't loose it every time he exchanges currencies.

My wife was able to save him so much money, that he felt indebted to return the favor. By chance, he asked if she liked beer. What luck, I do. Being the cool wife she is, she told him that I love Tennent's. So he said he would bring some "Bud Light of Scotland" with him as a gift.

He was true to his word. He brought 4 bottles with him. Why is there only 2 in the pictures?

Because our skilled government employees in the customs department broke the other 2 bottles.

Next time, he said he would bring me a special limited release Guinness. I can hardly wait.


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