Friday, November 14, 2008

Party Foul

I went over to a friends house tonight to play poker. I am not much of a poker player, but I have fun anyway. Besides, it was a shitty day so I was looking to blow off a little steam. It was a perfect reason to drink some good beer.

As with most poker nights, it was BYOB. I prefer it that way because there is nothing worse than showing up and having nothing but Bud Light to drink. So I made a stop at the BevMo on my way over to get a few treats.

I picked up the usual favorites. Fuller's, Paulaner, Ayinger, and Tennent's. I also picked up a couple new ones just for fun. A Left Coast Sawtooth Ale and the new seasonal K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale from Flying Dog.

The night started off perfect with the pint of Ayinger. I then moved on to the Fuller's London Pride as I moved on the the next round. This was the highpoint of the night because my money soon ran out just as my Tennent's ran out. I needed something to make me feel a little better.

How about a little Holiday cheer in a bottle. Time to bust out the K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale.

I made my way to the kitchen to grab my bottle from the fridge. But something wasn't right. I swear I had only finished 3 of my beers. That should leave 3 more in the fridge. But I can only count 2. What happened?

I see the bottle of Left Hand, and the bottle of Paulaner. But the bottle of Flying Dog is missing. I didn't drink it. Did I misplace it? Did it get moved? What the hell happened?

Someone took it! I closed the fridge and scanned the kitchen. There it was. Sitting on the counter by the sink, empty! What the Fuck?

What kind of loser drinks another man's beer? And not just any beer, but a quality beer that everyone was asking about when I got there. Bringing a 6 pack of 6 different beers that they had never head of was like showing up in a Ferrari. But you don't steal the Ferrari when the owner isn't looking. You might ask for a ride (or a taste), but you don't take it.

I love to share beer with people. I will give you a beer just to hear your opinion of it. I will give you a beer with hopes that it might sway you to give up Coors. I will even buy you a beer to get you drunk. All you have to do is ask. But it pisses me off when they steal it. That just isn't right. That is a major Party Foul!

That sucks. I am out $20, and a beer.

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