Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a bummer

The Super Bowl (am I allowed to use the term, or do I use the "Big Game" so I don't get sued by the NFL? Who cares) it's over. It was an amazing game, but I feel empty inside. Normally a beer or 4 will make me feel better. However, that just isn't going to do tonight. Instead, I need to drown my sorrow and hope for a better day tomorrow.

What are all those stupid cliche's, "it just wasn't meant to be", or "everything happens for a reason". Does it really? Has anyone ever found out that reason? I sure haven't. Was it a good reason? Was it really meant to be? If it was, why? I have yet to ever find out what that reason was. I bet that reason just flat out sucks. I would rather have the win. Screw the "Reason".

I bet the idiot who started saying such stupid things was a Cubs fan. They are the only ones who could have thought up such a stupid term. Now I think have a better understanding of the Cubs fan. Year after year, decade after decade, they come back for more heartbreak. Yet they keep cheering and establish new hope every season. How do they do it? How do they get punched in the nads every year and keep coming back for more? It is that "reason"?

At least I got to Cheer for a team I liked this season. It was fun. It was exciting. But most of all, it gave me hope. I am actually looking forward to next season. What will happen? Who knows. But I am going to enjoy the ride.

I really hate the Cubs. They suck. I'm more of a "south side" guy. I'm looking forward to cheering against them with hope that my team will make it to the Series this year. Then all will be right in the world again.

Now I need to go pout for a while. Tomorrow, I will feel better and ready to tell you a new story. It will be a good one.

-________. (I don't feel cheers works today)

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