Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bald, it isn't beautiful

I tend to think of my best blog topics when I am sitting in traffic, or bored at work, or at the strip club. By the time I sit down at the computer and check my email, look up my fantasy league stats, and read my facebook page, I either forgot what I was going to write about or i just don’t feel like it. Today, I made an amazing discovery. My phone. I have a full keyboard on my phone and can blog about all the things that I think of during any given day.

For example. I am standing here in line for a movie. There is a guy in front of me with a pony-tail. That alone is enough to laugh about. But this guy is bald. Yes, completely bald on the top and nearly all the way down to his ears. Somehow, he has managed to grow out the 37 strands he has left, and bundle them up into a pony-tail.

Is this really a good look for the guy? I don’t think so. I guess people might not notice he is bald if they are 3 foot tall and standing directly behind him. The other 95% of the people will notice.
This is just one of my thoughts of the day. I’m sure another situation will arise tomorrow. I am actually getting a little excited of the possibility of a great blog post. I need to head to a bar. O, that reminds me of last weekend. But I think I will save that one for tomorrow.


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Welsh Dragon said...

Love it, exact same thoughts in my head today