Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

Having beer on tap in your own home is the greatest thing created since beer itself. So great in fact that I enjoy a beer from my home built kegerator on a daily basis. Since I finished it about six weeks ago, i have had the same 3 beers on tap in which to choose from. All three of them are great beers. However, I think I might be getting a little bored with them.

I bet I sound like a spoiled athlete right now.
- "It's so hard to drink this much beer."
- "I'm tired of drinking all this beer this cheap."
- "It sucks drinking draft beer at home."
- "I'm just taking it 1 beer at a time."
- "I'm giving it 110%."
- "I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity."

I realized this weekend that I haven't been adding any news beers to my "what I'm drinking" sections lately. Ever since I set up my kegerator, all I drink is what I have on tap. This isn't the norm for my beer drinking habits. If you look at my beer list on the right, I was averaging 5 different beers a week. Let me tell you, this is a must for any beer drinker. There are thousands of different beers out there, and I want to try them all.

I'm beginning to worry that I might be causing irreversible damage to my skillfully trained beer palate. The steady stream of these same three beers could possibly be hurting my chances at going pro someday. And I have trained too long and too hard to just throw everything away.

I think it is time to hit the BevMo. I think I need to start experimenting again. So I ask you, my beer drinking friends. Give me some recommendations. What are the beer loving masses enjoying these days? It has been nearly two months since I last strayed. I am ready to drink

I feel so much better.



Rory and Tom said...

If you can find it, track down some bink blonde by the kerkom farmhouse brewery in Belgium. This truely is one of the best beers i have had! Its very complex at 5.5%, with a huge waft of baked pie, lpreserved lemons, bready yeat and white fleshed stone fruits.The mouth feel is as smooth as anything i have had. Seriously good. Seeing as your a Fuller's man; 2008's vintage should have hit your shores by now, buy a couple to drink now and a couple to age.I had a 2003 at the end of last year after a tour of the brewery,it was sensatioanl! They had a 1999 there, but my requests to crack that one open fell on death ears!(Oh and get six pack or nugget necter and hopslam, and drink in honour of us Brits who won't see them ever over here!)

happy Hunting!

Brian P said...

I wish I had you draft beer problem. My system in the new place is a long way off.

I would also go along with that HopSlam or Nugget Nectar suggestion. In fact I am enjoying both this evening. My only warning is if you arn't a true hophead don't bother with either one.