Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beer Education 101

Damn, there is nothing on TV but the freaking Presidential Address. What should I do instead? How about I tell you a story. This is a true story. A true story of the compassion and education I share with the masses on a daily basis, for the greater good.

There is a guy at work. Lets call him Ship. He is a cool guy. He reminds me of a guy who likes to party and have a good time. But with that observation comes the problem. Ship drinks light beer. What a shame.

Today, we were talking about stuff like our wives, sports, our hobbies, and whatever guys talk about around the water cooler. Somehow, the subject of beer came up. What were the odds of that? I have no idea, But he asked me if I liked beer. Isn't that funny? Do I like beer?

I started into a 20 minute speech about why I LOVE BEER. I had an introduction, a body of support, and a closing statement. Ship was a little shocked. He had no idea that I was the kind of guy who would drink beer. Was that a compliment? I really don't care. But I still don't know what the type looks like.

Then Ship started asking me questions about my beer likes and dislikes. "What do you drink"? I love this question. What do I drink? It depends on the day. "Have you ever had this beer, or that beer". What do you think? Then he started to tell me some of the beers he has had, and which ones he "kind of enjoyed". Some like New Belgium, Sam Adams, St. Paulie Girl, and Sierra Nevada.

Now, I had something to work with. I told him to hop on the bus, because I was going to take him to school. And before I knew it, I was "educating" him on the different styles and different breweries he should try. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down the beers he should try. I tried to keep it simple. I gave him a list of the beers he should be able to find at a local grocery store or at the least, a BevMo. I think I put down a list of 12 or so to start him off. I could see how interested he was as he read the list and asked questions about every one of them.
When I noticed how enthralled he was, I knew I had been successful. I had just converted him to our side. Yes, I convinced a beer drinker to become a "Beer Enjoyer". I added a new disciple to my group. How do I know, because he is planning on going to "Beerfest" next weekend.

You read that right. Next weekend is Beerfest 2009! And I plan on writing a full report. It will be full of beer and boobs for all of you to enjoy.

It's time to go. I think the President just promised to make it rain beer every Saturday while he is in office. Awesome!


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kennhyn said...

haha, to convert a person to a beer lover... priceless

In malaysia is not easy to educate people in beer, most people hate beer as they prefer to spend more on hard liquor or wine, as they think the more they spend the better they get.

Beer is the best beverage that ever created... cheers!