Monday, March 2, 2009

All Beer, All the Time

After some serious thought, and a few pints to help dull the pain, I have decided to make a change. The title above says it all...."All Beer, All the Time. That's right. From now on, Good Burp will be all about my adventures with beer.

When I started this blog, my plan was to write about beer and all the idiots I seem to run into on a daily basis. I have quite a talent in finding them in a crowd. While it has been fun and therapeutic to write about these people, I found it to get a little mundane.

I realized a little while ago that beer is what I really preferred to write about. And the followers of this blog seem to agree with me. Most of the people who stop by to read my thoughts are beer lovers from all around the world. And quite frankly, I really have enjoyed drinking, listing, rating, comparing, and writing about all the different beers I seem to run into on a daily basis.

In celebration of this momentous decision, I will make an important post tomorrow. I had a chance encounter today which helped solidify my decision. The topic is going to spill over into 3 or 4 posts. I think you are going to enjoy them.


Note: For those who will miss the rants and raves about the idiots of the world, you might want to check around. I could decide to start a new blog somewhere else. Somewhere soon.

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