Saturday, March 14, 2009

BEERFEST. Part 1 - The Beer

That is another Beerfest in the books. What can I say, i loved it? I can't wait until the next one? I do that every time. So what was the best part of Beerfest?

The Beer.

There were hundreds of different beers to taste. The amount of quality beers available is almost overwhelming. I felt a little stressed when I first arrived. I thought quietly to myself,

- "How am I going to try all these beers in just six hours"?

- "How am I going to try them all with only 24 tickets in my pocket"?

The answer to that daunting question. "One at a time"

So lets get started.

My strategy was to get in and out as fast as possible. Just like a "whore in Church". (That seems to be a popular quote lately). I needed to hit the breweries that I knew would be the "E Ticket" lines. So I started with the ever popular breweries like Stone, Dogfish Head, Deschutes, Rogue, and New Belgium. Time, and beer, well spent. I might have actually hit a couple of them two or three times. But who is counting (Stone 3 times).

For the rest of the afternoon, I made my way in and out of most of the other breweries lines. I looked for beers that were the newest creations, or the ones which I have never tried. That was a hard task. But I did manage to try a few that I really enjoyed. And I did happen to try some that I think I will never try again.

So that is my story. Now, here is the beer list.

1. Stone Brewery - Oak Aged Ale: "This is a great beer. Very flavorful, and great mouth feel"

2. Deschutes - Green Lakes Organic Ale: "Hoppy and Nutty. Clean finish"

3. Reaper Ale - Morality Stout: "Malty flavor. Clean Finish. No aftertaste"

4. Sam Adams - Imperial Reserve: "Gooooood! I Like It"! "Buy some.

5. Bitch Creek - 20th Anniversary Double ESB Ale: "Very Good"

6. Sun Up Brewery - Armadillo Red Ale: "Hoppy aftertaste"

7. Oak Creek - King Crimson Red Ale: "11% alcohol. Kinda taste it. Enjoyable"

8. Dogfish Head - Raison D'Entre: "Yummy". (I remember asking where Sam was. The guy said "Who"?)

9. New Belgium - Seasonal: "?"

10. Oggies - Asylum something Triple something Ale: "O.K."

11. Speak Easy IPA - Big Daddy: "Dude is a dork" (I remember this. I asked for something else. The stupid "volunteer" didn't know what it was. He started asking the other volunteers. So I told him, give me that. Speak Easy was right behind him.)

12. Port Brewing - Hop 15: "I like this one"

13. Old World Brewery - Wit: "I don't like Wits. Bit this is good".

14. Deschutes Brewery - Inversion IPA: "Un legible" (Is this correct grammar? It must have been the beer talking)

15. Dogfish Head - 90 Minute IPA: "Thank you GOD for creating Sam. I love this Beer". (Something like this. That is what I meant to write)

16. Odell Brewing - IPA: "O.K."

17. Boulder Beer - Hazed & Confused: "?"

18. Sonoran Brewing - Inebriator: "No"

19. New Belgium - Mothership Wit: "+" (Whatever this means)

20. Coronado Brewing - Red Devil: "+" (Again? I don't know what I meant)

21. Old World Brewery - Stout: "Gooooood".

22. Lost Abbey - I don't know: But "I LOVE it"!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to try all the beers. My list ended somewhere around 28. But I can't figure out exactly what they were. I guess I was feeling pretty good by that time. And my handwriting is proof of it. And a side effect of this, is that my reviews became very archaic. You can see some had nothing more than a +, or No, or ?. I don't know what I was saying.

What is amazing is that when I got home, I had 38 sample tickets in my pocket. That's weird, because I started with 24. O well, at least I got to try twenty something great beers. I think next time, I might take a recorder. That should make for some great audio.


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