Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I got a job, in a brewery

This is not entirely true. In order to qualify as a job, don't you have to be paid? Then again, if I am paid with education and a great time, isn't that a form of payment? If so, can this qualify as a job? I just confused myself. But what it really means is that I am going to be hanging out in an all new brewery.

What is this brewery I am speaking of? It is called Old World Brewery. By nothing more than happenstance, I found it. And a couple days ago, I had the pure enjoyment of hanging out, drinking some fine beer, and talking to one of the owners, Perry Parmely.

Located in the north part of Phoenix, Old World Brewery is looking to carve out it's own place in the Four Peaks dominated brewery scene. And from my observation, I think they are going to do just that.

Over the next week, I will be posting pictures of the brewery, evaluating the beers, conducting a full interview, and possibly even getting my hands dirty in an attempt to help brew some beer. The guys will be set up this weekend at the Great Arizona Brew Festival. Be sure to stop by and try their brews. I think you will like them.


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