Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm sure everyone has been anticipating my first post about BEERFEST. In fact, I had planned on writing part one tonight. I even downloaded all my photos. But something big just happened. I finished off one of my kegs. The Flying Dog Amber Lager is all gone.

So let me think. I tapped the kegs when I finished my kegerator back in December. So in my special math, I guess it took exactly 3 months. Honestly, I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

The Bad:
I finished off an entire keg all by myself. And it only took me 3 months to drink that much beer. I am willing to bet, it would have been like 2 months if I didn't have the two other beers on tap to drink as well. In addition to the kegs, I went through several cases of bottled beer. I can't even tell you how many. Is this a problem? Should I be worried?

Now I have to go out and spend money on a new keg. And beer isn't getting any cheaper. How much is this one going to cost me? $50, $60, $80? Who knows? This economy is killing my beer habit.

The Good:
It only took me 3 months to finish off an entire keg all by myself. I would have done it in less time (like 6-8 weeks) if I didn't have the other two kegs to siphon from as well. Not to mention the cases of other beer I went through in the same time frame.

The best part of finishing off the keg is, I get to add a new one! I have an empty spot open and it is begging to get filled. I can hear it calling me from the other room right now. I can hardly stand it. I think the BevMo is still open. But then I am stuck choosing one of the old kegs someone never picked up. Or Miller Lite. I think I'm better off waiting. I want to order something real special.

What to do? If course I am going to fill that spot, soon. I need to make a decision on which beer to add. I have some in mind. But I really want a special beer this time. Something that will make all my friends jealous. I think I will take a few days to decide. I am going to read through my list of beers from the past Beerfests. See which ones I liked, and which ones I loved. Then I can make my decision. I might even add a "Vote which Beer" app. over on the side there. Then you can all help me make my important decision.

I really loved this beer. And I love Flying Dog Brewery. I have yet to drink a beer they make, that I didn't like. They are an amazing brewery. In the crowded microbrew scene, they stand out like a whore in church. And that whore sure can brew some great beer!



Anonymous said...

We're happy to stand out like a whore in church!

Prime Minister of Marketing
Flying Dog Brewery

Good Burp said...

Thanks Neal.
I'm going to count you as the biggest celeb to visit thus far!