Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is a beer snob?

I like good beer, but all my friends think I am a beer snob. Maybe I am, but I will drink a cheap beer now and then. But last night, I realized that other people's opinion of a beer snob is quite different from mine.

We were going over to a friends house last night for dinner. Lets call them the "Newbies". So Mrs. Newbie called my wife all excited because she bought a case of beer for the dinner party. It was a case of Bud Light. She heard that I loved beer and thought I would be excited that she got some.

My wife proceeded to restrain her shared excitement with Mrs. Newbie. She could tell from my wife's subdued tone that something was wrong. She asked, "What's wrong? He doesn't like Bud Light? He drinks Coors Light doesn't he". O man, I nearly shot Fuller's out my nose at that one. Then I gagged a little bit at the thought of having to drink it. The beer I hate more than any other beer out there is "Redneck Light", aka Coors Light.

My wife, trying to be as anti-snooty as possible on my behalf, replied with, "No, he won't drink either one of those. He is a bit of a beer snob". That was sweet of her, looking out for me. Then again, it makes me look like a beer snob. I guess that is OK. I can live with that. Whatever it takes to get me out of forcably consuming a Coors.

I never would have guessed what Mrs. Newbie's idea of a snobby beer would be. It is a classic. I might even get it printed on a shirt. She replied with:

"Oh, so he drinks Corona then?"



Lee said...

Yeah, I remember when I thought Corona was premium beer. I was 17 then. And really fucking stupid.

Zachary said...

Our beer snobbery is research and development for our home breweries. You're not going to learn much drinking ubiquitous light American, or Mexican lagers

Rory and Tom said...

I dont think its beer snobery, it is brainwashed tastebuds, being British we found the fuller's comment hilarious. great blog!