Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top 5 list. Drinking Buddies.

Everyone has a list. No, not that list. The other one. The 5 people you would want to have dinner with. I'm not going to say Jesus, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi, the Dhali Llama, and Bono. That would be extremely boring. So screw dinner, I want to drink with these guys.
My Top 5 Drinking Buddy list.

5. Sam Calagione. The "Brewing Rock Star" himself of Dogfish Head Brewery. How can I not have my "man crush" on my list? The guy is an artist when it comes to brewing. He is a modern day beer guru. And a big bonus, he can bring the beer!

4. Babe Ruth. The "Sultan of Swat". What is a party without the Babe? This guy could drink everyone under the table. and still go 4 for 5 with 2 home runs the next day. Anyone who can drink like that deserves a seat at the bar in my book.

3. Leonardo DaVinci. "Artist, Inventor". This man was nothing short of a genius. Could you imagine what he could come up with as a beer? What about a brewing process. I'm sure he could scratch out the design for a more efficient brewing machine on a bar napkin. It would revolutionize brewing as we know it today.

2. Charles Barkley. "Sir Charles". We all know the Chuckster likes to drink and have a good time. I would never have to worry about the conversation because Charles always has something to say. And if we get lucky, he just might throw someone through a plate glass window.

1. Benjamin Franklin. "Patriot, Brew Master". Where would we be today without Ben? Without a sweet-ass quote. We beer people know it and live it. Sure, he was smart too. But the guy liked to party! Besides working insane hours inventing stuff and helping to form a new government, he loved to brew beer. Wouldn't it be cool to hear him talk about his brewing process as he bitched about Sam Adams and John Hancock.

Alternate: Someone is bound to call in sick. So I need 1 more, just in case.

Jim Koch. "Microbrew Pioneer". The legend. The founder of Boston Beer and Samuel Adams Boston Lager. (That sounds so good right now). On a personal level, it is a dream of mine to meet the man. Plus he knows his beer! We could talk and drink beer all night long. It would be so cool to get a look inside that man's head.

Like it or not, this is my list. Believe me, it was so hard to narrow it down to just the main 5. I thought of many others. But for the reasons given, I had to remove them from contention.

John Lennon. But he would bring Yoko with him. And we all know what happens next. She would make him leave early.
Jimi Hendrix. He could play a mean guitar. But "under the influence", he is likes to start fires.
Henry the 8th. A "Big" party guy. But a bit of a hothead! He might get drunk and try to send us to the Gallows if we disagree with him.
Elvis Presley. The King. He would be awesome. But I would have to worry every time he got up to use the bathroom. If he didn't try to steal my prescriptions, he might die on my "throne".
Adolph Hitler. A little bit of a psycho. We could try to get him to hook up with Yoko. If not, Charles could throw him through the window!
- Cheers!

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