Tuesday, October 21, 2008

90 Minute IPA. Sam is the man!

I just accidentally opened a bottle I have been saving. It is 90 Minute Imperial IPA from, say it with me, Dogfish Head. Yes, I am in love with them these days. This brew has won countless awards, and now I know why.

I bought a 4 pack of this a while back. I had heard it was good. It won the "Best Strong Beer" at the 2007 Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, Zymurgy, the Journal of the American Homebrewers Association, voted it the best commercial beer in America, and it was won the "Battle of the Beers" on for 3 consecutive years. It scores an A on, and a score of 99 on I have to agree.

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of the overpowering hop flavored beers. But the beer is so good, and finishes so clean. You get that first hit of hops, which is so enjoyable. Then you miss it as is fades away. Only to love it once again with the next taste.

You are aware of my "man crush" on Sam Calgione by now. This beer is the reason all of you should feel the same way. To invent a beer like this is nothing short of amazing. This is what makes beer so enjoyable. To find a beer like this, so different that all the other mass produced beers today, makes my love of beer even stronger.

The only thing that sucks about drinking this beer, is that I am all out. So now I have to get some more. That means another $50 beer run to the BeMo. This is a hard thing to explain to the wife.

So to sum it up. Did I like it? Yes! Was it good? Yes! Would I recommend it? Hellz Yeah!

It looks like I just reviewed another beer. I fear this is going to be a regular thing. My blog is going to be so busy.


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Brian P said...

Hey no problem having a man crush on Sam. I think the guy is living the life many of us beer enthusiasts would love to live. I've had the opportunity to see him speak and to talk with him and the guy seems very genuine. The last time was at a Dogfish tasting for Theobroma and from the turn out it you might think he is a rockstar.