Thursday, June 4, 2009

My BevMo kegs, almost home

I have been waiting to tell the ongoing story of my dealings with the BevMo. I thought it would have been all finished by now....but it isn't. It is close though. So far, I have picked up 2 of the 3 kegs I ordered. Tomorrow, the last is supposed to be there. As soon as I pick it, and tap it, I will let you guys know what about my "deal".

I will tell you this little tidbit. The Store Manager took it upon himself to order me 2 kegs. Dogfish Head 60 Minute, and 90 Minute. I didn't want to order both of these fine brews. I never got the chance to actually order either one of them, remember. I was going to order the 60 Minute, until I found out 90 Minute was available.

After my initial talks with Alan Johnson, I received a call from the store manager. He informed me that he had ordered my kegs. My Kegs? I didn't know I had ordered any kegs yet. I didn't even know what I was going to order yet. He took it upon himself to order both the 60 and the 90. Ok, I guess I will take them, just to alleviate the problem. I decided I would order a 4th keg so I would still have 3 different styles of beer on tap.

So I drive on over to the BevMo to pick them up. The store manager called to let me know they were in. But guess what, someone messed up. I loaded the first keg into my car. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Now it was time to load up the 60 Minute. As I am ready to load it into my car, I noticed that the 60 Minute was not 60 Minute. It was actually another 90 Minute. Can you believe that?

Anyways, I am in possession of one 90 Minute IPA keg. Keg number 2 arrived on Tuesday. I picked it up and it is chillin in my kegerator right now. Tomorrow, I will hopefully pick up my 3rd keg. I'm crossing my fingers.


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jaguar said...

Your were shopping at BevMo in Newport Beach Sunday afternoon around 3. You are tall and blond, you caught my eye, I thought I caught your's but wasn't sure and didn't approach. Now you are gone. If I am correct email me at I was there stocking my bar at the best store for beverages I have ever shopped at. BevMo is top notch. so are you