Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Beer Doctor

It's fun to talk about beer. I can have a conversation about beer with just about anyone. In fact, I think I have. Sometimes the conversations are fun, and interesting. Then there are other times where I leave thinking that the other person must think I am a raging alcoholic.

But the other day, I had a conversation about beer with someone I never thought I would. My doctor. Yes, my Dr. Who knows how conversations jump from one topic to the other. It is kinda like the Kevin Bacon game. You know, name an actor, and within 4 movies, you can connect them to a movie with Kevin Bacon.

I think it started with allergies, then medications for allergies on vacation, to my vacation in Munich, to the beer in Germany. See, I did it. It ends up that my Dr. likes beer. Who wouldn't? But for a doctor to talk to you about how much he drinks and the beers he really likes is a first.

He told me that he likes to drink authentic German beers at some little Bavarian restaurant down town. I have heard about that place, but never tried it. He raved about the beer, and the fact that you can get the beer in Liter size mugs. Guess where I am going to dinner?

We talked about beers we really enjoy. He really enjoys the beers of New Belgium. Fat Tire is a beer he drinks on a regular basis. But his favorite is "1554". If I wasn't impressed before, I sure was now. Of all the beers New Belgium brews, 1554 Black Lager is my favorite. We talked about a few other breweries, and some other beers we really enjoy. When he asked for a list of breweries he should try, I mentioned a few of my favorite breweries like, Dogfish Head (of course), Stone, Lost Abbey, and Rogue. Then I told him where he could get them.

How cool is my doctor? I know you are jealous. To top everything off, he told me that he is related to the Widmer Brothers. Well, his dad is. I guess one of them is his cousin. I wounder if it is beyond the Dr.-Patient relationship to offer beer as payment. It's worth a try.


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