Saturday, May 23, 2009

BevMo is working on it

Well, it looks like my little blog started quite an uproar. Who would have thought that a blog post could have so much clout? But it has. So much in fact that the Alan Johnson, the CEO of BevMo actually found my blog, read my post, and commented on it. He even went so far to ask me to contact him. So I did.

When I first read the comment, I didn't believe it was him. I did a quick Google search to see what I could find. Indeed, he is listed as the CEO, so I sent him an email. Within minutes, he replied. He was really wanted to talk to me about the "incident" at my local BevMo. He asked if I would be so kind, and call him. Or, I could give him my number and he would call me. I felt a little apprehensive about giving my phone number to someone who might possibly not be who I think they are. So I told him I would call him tomorrow.

Thursday night, I called him, and he answered. We talked for 20 minutes or so. He told me that he was very upset about what had happened. He asked my if I could tell him exactly what happened. So I did. He apologized , and told me that it should never have happened. He said they have policies in place, and obviously they were not followed. In addition, he said the BevMo will not be beaten by anyone. After our conversation, I believe him.

Mr. Johnson has offered to make things right. He is working out a "resolution" right now. We are going to talk again next week. I will tell you that I am excited. After our conversation, I knew that I really liked this guy. He cared. He cared about me, his customer, and his company. He was a cool guy. Nothing like I was expected him to be.

That is where we are today. I have talked to the Manager, and the assistant Manager. They have been very apologetic. I might even stop my there tonight. Who knows. There is more to say about this. But I gotta run. Got plans at The Yard House today. I need to plan out my "tasting" list.



coach55 said...

i used to work for bevmo and i can tell you that alan johnson is a stand-up guy whose word is his bond. he is not some figure-head who sits behind a desk, I can tell you that from experience. he also is very concerned about how people view bevmo so your comments and concerns mean a lot to him. i'm glad that they fixed your problem because a lot of those guys at bevmo are good people.

Good Burp said...

This is great to hear, because that is I think. He really changed my opinion of a corporate CEO. I will write my story this weekend.