Monday, May 18, 2009

BevMo Sucks (well, the employee does)

Can you believe I said that? I can't. I really don't think BevMo sucks. I love the BevMo. But today, I had my first negative experience there. I will tell you what, I was pissed!

I have been wanting to replace my kegs for the last week now. I have stopped by the BevMo two or three times, but the guy I normally deal with hasn't been there. And I really didn't want to order it from the older lady who runs the checkout. She just doesn't seem to understand what I am trying to order.

Total Wine offers Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPa in 5 gallon kegs for $64.00. So I can get it there if I have to. But I like the BevMo, and it is closer to my house, and I really like the guy I deal with. So I prefer to buy it from him.

Time is running out, so I stopped by tonight to see if anyone could help me. Again, the cool guy was out, and the old lady was running the register. Just as usual, she didn't know what I was talking about. She also thought that I called earlier about it, which I didn't. I tried to explain to her that it wasn't me, and that I was looking for a Dogfish Head. Finally, she asked the older fella, who I guess was the acting manager. "This is the guy who called earlier asking about the Dogs Head". No, that wasn't me.

I told him that I wanted to order a keg that wasn't on their list. He started to walk over to grab the flier with all the kegs listed. I again told him that it wasn't listed in the flier, but Total Wine offers it, and I wanted to see if BevMo can get it as well. He said he would check right now.

So I followed him over to the station with the computer. He found Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA right away. I thought to myself, Excellent. Then I asked him if there were any other Dogfish Head beers available in addition to the 60 Minute IPA. So he looked again, "yes, there are 3". Really, 3? How cool is that! I need 3 kegs. 90 Minute IPA and Raison D'etre are the other two. So I asked how much the 90 minute was. He looked down at the computer again, typed a little bit, and said it was $159. Wow, that is a little more than the $64 at Total Wine.

I asked him if that was for a 5 gallon keg. He looked down again, and then said "no, it isn't available in 5 gallon kegs". Hmmm, really? It is at Total Wine. So I began to tell him that Total Wine advertises it for $64. But before I could get out that information, he leaned over the wall, put his hand in my face as if he was telling me to stop, and loudly commanded me to "Sir, Calm Down!"

What just happened? Is this guys seriously scolding me? Yes, he was. That is exactly what happened. He just yelled at me. What the hell? I told him to "forget it". Turned and started to walk away. He stood up and replied "sir, I am sorry. I was being rude". Damn right asshole, you were being rude. I didn't say that, but I wanted too. Instead, I told him that I was trying to help him. Then I said that I spend a lot of money in that store, and never have I been talked to that way. I turned and walked out, all the time with him calling "Sir......Sir.........Sir............"

I wasn't about to give this guy my business. What was he thinking? I was shocked he scolded me like that. Actually, I was pissed. Normally, I would have enjoyed giving the douche bag a piece of my mind, but today was not the day for it. Lucky for him.

So guess what I am doing tomorrow. I am going to drive my happy ass over to Total Wine and order 3 kegs. I should have done that in the first place. They have a better beer selection, better prices, and now, better employees. In fact, one of them posted a reply on my blog a while back. Nobody from BevMo ever did that.



Alan said...

Dear Good Burp,

I am the CEO at BevMo and just finished reading your Blog. I appologise for the unacceptable way you were treated. Would you please email me your contact details so that I can personally correct this for you, "BevMo Style". My email address is


Good Burp said...

Wow, this is a shock. I will send you my email address shortly.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Michael said...

Curious to know which BevMo was involved here. I occasionally shop at the one on Happy Valley Road, east of I-17. It wasn't that one, was it?

Looks like the BevMo guy might be planning to make it right. Hope so.

Um, also...where's this party going to be...the one that's coming up in 3 weeks?

Good Burp said...

I have been into that BevMo a few times. However, that wasn't the BevMo in question.
I think you are in good hands if you continue to shop there.

O, the party is at my house.

Kels Bells said...
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Unknown said...

I went to BevMo for the first and last time yesterday. I recently moved to california and stopped by the thousand oaks store. nice store good selection, check out guy was nice but when he asked for ID he They don't take out of state licenses, I havent switched mine over yet. so he asked the manager who still wouldnt sell to me despite the fact that I am clearly over 21( im 45 and look it), had other I'd including my paycheck that shows my local address, ss card issued in TO he was a jerk about it. F*ck em they lost a good customer

Thaddius Davis said...

Let me start off by saying,I am an Employee at BevMo! and all I can say is that was very unprofessional by our employee. I thrive on making the customer happy and this was not fair to you the customer. I want to extend my apology and hope that you have had better experiences since this incident.

Katie Davis said...

Hi, I'm not condoning the rude employee but regarding the price of the 90 min vs the 60 min IPA... The 90 min IPA is more expensive than the 60 min IPA just in general. It is a higher alcohol content and that usually raises the price. Just thought I'd add my two cents regarding that aspect.

Eric McCann said...

BEVMO DOES SUCK.... I was at the Brea location last night- had a receipt in my hand with the same product I had purchased from there a few days ago. I told the man it was a gift for my dad and he wasn't interested in all of the bottles I gave him. He said okay, she'll ring you up on the last cashier. Man walks off. Female clerk asks me the reason why again. I repeat, "he wasn't interested in the other bottles I purchased. So there was nothing wrong with them? " No", I replied. Because I cited the wrong reason for return, she wouldn't complete the transaction. She argued with me for damn near 10 minutes- saying that returns for alcohol were illegal in the state of CA unless there is a defect with the product. So basically because I didn't say that I was "dissatisfied" or because there was nothing wrong the product- all I could have was store credit. Poo Poo on you Bevmo employee. Apparently, the customer isn't the king here. I'll be toting my buns over to total wine from here on out.

Bix Tood said...

I certainly would. BevMo sucks big cocks and they can take their high pricing "strategy", poor selection, shitty "2 for 1" and 5 c sale wines (that nobody wants) and eat a bowl of dicks!

The VP is a total fuckwit and the CEO is completely fuckin clueless, not to mention half their store managers are complete retards.

Just know that when you shop BevMo, you WILL be shopping the highest-priced retailer around. Hardly worth the typical shitty service they "provide".

LEE MURPHY said...

I worked for BevMo for 9 months and was happy in my part-time manager position.
Then went to work and was fired for stopping a shoplifter that threw a punch at me
and was all on camera and police report filed. Never told why I was let go and what if any company rules were not followed.The dist. manager and vp who fired me no longer there and this company goes through managers like I change my skivies!

LEE MURPHY said...

By the way Alan Johnson was replaced as CEO in 2015 by Dimitri Haloulos. All the upper execs are from the grocery field. At store level there is little or no control over product being on the shelf or a hole selling air. I wish Total Wines would buy out this once great place to shop and save with knowledgeable decently paid employees. This company no longer trains new employees it's learn on the job part-time at minimum wage.During my nine months at BevMo I had 3 store managers (the last just left after 6 months)3 Assistants 4 head clerks and I was the 3rd reciever in less than a year. Store level associates are expendable in this company.