Thursday, August 13, 2009

"This beer doesn't taste right"

I wish I could claim this story, but I doubt it would ever happen to me. Instead, it happened to a good friend of mine (Fireman). As with 99.5% of my friends, he doesn't know about my blog, so I doubt he will ever read this. Thus, he can't be embarrassed.

Fireman decided to have some friends over last weekend for a good ole' fashion Beer and BBQ party. Fireman is a beer guy, and one of my Beer Students. As guys do, he wanted to show off a little bit and have some cool beers available.

He gave me a call and asked what he should pick up for his friends to drink. He wanted something imported, and on he lighter side. I told him to go with something from Germany. Who doesn't love a beer from Germany? Well, as long as it isn't Becks or St. Paulie Girl. I told him that he couldn't go wrong with something from Paulaner, one of my favorites.

By the time his friends arrived, he had all the Paulaner chilling in the cooler, and ready to go. It doesn't take long for a guy to drink a free beer. And it didn't take long for the guys to go through nearly 2 cases of it.

A few hours, and many beers later, Fireman still felt pretty good. He figured his training at my house with some serious beers was finally paying off. He really enjoyed the Paulaner Oktoberfest at my house. However, he wasn't sold on the taste of this one.

Eventually, he came to the realization that, "this beer doesn't taste right". He thought he just picked out a beer that was a little too light. After 3 hours of drinking his special German brew, he was puzzled why he didn't have his usual buzz.

This is where it finally hit him. No, not the o-so enjoyable buzz, but the word on the side of the Paulaner -Thomasbrau box. There it was, in not so big, bold letters......."Non Alcoholic Beer".



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