Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beer, it's what's for Dinner

I have been so busy lately. I work full time. I have another job that takes a lot of time....but pays off big when a deal closes. In addition, I decided to start my own business, or two. The draw back to my ambition is, it takes up all my time. I have been letting everything go while I struggle to work on all my ventures. That leaves little time for blogging.

However, I am committed to writing about beer for all to enjoy. I might not get a chance to eat dinner every night, but I am sure to pour myself a beer. Sometimes it is just a simple pint from my kegerator. Other nights, it is a new brew from my last trip to the BevMo.

To be honest, I am feeling guilty that I am not posting every other night like I wish I could. Tonight is one of those nights. Luckily I have been drinking tonight, and on an empty stomach. And as I posted before, I am better when I'm drunk. Hey, it is hump day, and I deserve it. I have plenty of beer to choose from, and I am taking full advantage of it.

If I can close one of my deals in the next week or so, I think I will get the opportunity to get back to my normal routine of blogging about my beer adventures on a regular basis. Until then, I am trying to make a little extra coin, so some day I can live like no one else, and blog like no one else.


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