Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Beer for my Birthday

I became another year wiser this week. It's cool that I stay the same age though. Age doesn't mean anything to me unless it is printed on a bottle, and aged in my fridge. Thank God my fridge is full.

So it was time to make a trip to the BevMo to pick up something special to drink for my birthday. I never know what I am going to buy. I start thinking early in the day about what beers I am going to find, or what new ones might be available. However, I hardly ever leave with what I originally thought I would. And this tip turned out to be better than I expected.

What did I buy? Something new, and something again.

Flying Dog - Old Scratch Amber Lager.
This is why I went to the BevMo. I have been jonesin' for some Flying Dog. I went through the last batch of Pale Ale so fast, it left a void inside my beer heart. A void that only another batch of Flying Dog could fill. And I will tell you what, it did. Old Scratch has become my session beer. It has replaced Tennent's and Fuller's on the top shelf. Sorry guys.

The next beer I found was something I have tried many times at Beer Fests. But I have been unable to find it anywhere. I remembered that I liked the beers that they brew. So much in fact that I bought a T-shirts from them. So what is this new brew? Grand Teton Brewing Co.

Up first was the Au Natural Organic Blonde Ale. I love the logo, and I really enjoy the beer. It has a light, yet flavorful taste. It weighs in at a moderate 4.9% ABV and 24 IBUs. It says so right there on the bottle. It leans to the malt side of the spectrum, which I prefer. This is an ale you can enjoy all night.
Grade: 3 1/2 Burps

Next up was the Bitch Creek ESB Ale. Again, I love the name, and I love the beer. It is a more flavorful beer than the Blonde. The hops are there without overkill. They blend nicely with the malt and create a perfect balance of flavor. It just has a little something extra that notches it up a level. This really is a good beer. And I plan on buying it again.
Grade: 4 Burps

So I spent my birthday weekend going through these 3 great beers. It really made my birthday special. But the weekend is nearly over. It might be time to head back over to the BevMo and pickup another batch of brew from

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