Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I ordered my kegs!

I just got home from the BevMo. It was a kind of a big deal. I ordered my kegs. Not exactly the selection I wanted, but they will do just fine.

I decided to order 3 different 5 gallon (or so) kegs.

1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I needed a session beer. A beer that friends and family will enjoy and not make that hops face.

2. Flying Dog Old Scratch Lager. I love this beer. I am so happy that they actually had it available in something other than a 15.50 gallon keg. This is a great beer that I will enjoy while it lasts. And it is a beer that I will give to those whom I feel are worthy of a quality beer.

3. Four Peaks Kilt Lifter. A local favorite. Brewed here in my home town, it has quite a following. It really is a great brew. I'm sure it will last longer than the others, but that is what I want. It is the beer that I will drink on special occasions.

Taps 4 and 5 are reserved for home brew. I was supposed to brew this weekend, but plans changed. So I will have to wait a while before I can tap the final two spots. I wonder if I can wait that long.

I also made another trip to the beer store. I got the CO2 tank filled. As soon as I am done typing, I am going to hook it up. I wish I had the kegs to get everything set up. But I have to wait until Friday night. I have to go back to the beer store tomorrow. It;'s kind of a funny story. I will tell you about it tomorrow.

I will post the pictures tomorrow. So until then.



Zachary said...

Commercial beer?!?!? You need to get brewing!!

Good Burp said...

I know I do. But I am in a hurry. I need beer by this weekend. I am getting Four Peaks...a home brewer gone pro.

Right after Christmas, I am going to start brewing for myself. I need an English Ale and a Stout.