Thursday, December 4, 2008

A's or D's?

I told you I had a funny story about my kegs. It is funny, but I feel like an idiot. So much that I can laugh at myself and share the story with you, my close friends.

You might have noticed that I have been building a kegerator, aka "HIT - Home Intoxication Kit". And if you follow my blog, you will know that I love beer from Europe, in particular Germany. So why wouldn't I tap a few German kegs for my personal enjoyment.

As luck would have it, my local beer specialty store had a bunch of 5 gallon kegs on sale. Could you imagine my excitement when I read Paulaner Oktoberfest and Bitburger for $32.00 each. Are you kidding me? How freaking sweet is that!

At that time, I wasn't ready to buy any kegs because the kegerator wasn't finished yet. My plan was to go back and pick them up on Tuesday night. In the mean time, I needed to buy some German "A" system keg couplers. Damn, they are expensive. Nearly $30 more than a standard American "D" couplers. (Who would think that A's would cost more than D's) But I needed them, so I bought them.

With everything ready for the Germans to come home on Wednesday, I made the trip to buy the kegs. I walked down the long isle of amazing beers with a big grin on may face. I wasn't here to buy single bottles this time. I was going to buy, a keg. No, not just a keg, but 2 German kegs.

My smiling face soon turned to a look of anger, then disappointment, followed by embarrassment. You see, that smoking price for the 5 Gallon kegs of sweet German beer was correct. However, I was overcome with excitement that I didn't notice the L instead of the G.

Yep, they were liters. Not gallons but liters. They were those stinking over sized beer can kegs with a spicket on the side. My first thought, "Shit! I just spent $150 on fucking A couplers. What the hell am I going to do with them now"?

Those aren't kegs. They don't count. There should be at least 5 gallons in a keg, not 5 liters. All that time wasted in elementary school preparing us for the stupid metric system was a complete waste of time. Remember, we were going to be switching to the metric system. But it never happened. I guess they didn't get the memo.

That brings you up to date. I exchanged the A's for D's (I love D's, They are my favorite). All is well again. As long as my kegs show up tomorrow, I will be ok. Some day, I will get a German beer in there. I don't know when, but some day.


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Brian P said...

The Keezer is looking good. Sorry to hear about the beer mix up; at least it makes for a good story. Enjoy the new system.