Sunday, January 31, 2010

Netflix for Beer

Hello, my name is Brandon, and I'm addicted to Netflix.

I don't know exactly when I started, but I think it was around New Years Day. What started off as a fun thing to do, has since turned into a 4 hour a day habit. Everything is suffering as a result. My yard, my blog, and even my beer.

It's weird. I really don't know how to explain it. I sit down at the computer and start to read what going on with my the world, aka what is going on in the world of sports and beer. Eventually, I end up on the Netflix site. Before I know it, I have added 10 new movies to my queue, and reviewed 537 movies. Before I know it, I have missed my chance to drink and review a beer, or even attempt to type out some other post.

But I do have some good news. Because of Netfilx, I have been able to find and watch some great movies about Beer. Who knew there was such a plethora of movies about the wonder full world of beer? I sure didn't. Thanks to Netflix, I have found a new form of beer enjoyment.

Over the last month, I think I have watched 7 or 8 beer related movies or documentaries. Some have been ok, but most have been great. I feel it is my duty to let you know about them.

Beerfest - The name says it all. An group of 5 Americans go to Germany to compete in a Super Secret Beer drinking competition. Awesome movie. One of my all time favorites. Grade - 4 1/2 Burps

Beerwars - Most of have seen it, or at least heard of it. The documentary changed my view of beer. It really is a great story of being the little fish in the pond. If you don't own it already, do yourself a favor and rent it. Grade - 4 1/2 Burps

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong - We have all played it at one time or another. But these guys live it. It documents several teams and the founders of the World Series of Beer Pong. I loved this movie. It was great fun. I'm buying my own table and practicing for next year. Grade - 4 Burps

The Historic Pubs of Dublin - "Join Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt (Angela's Ashes) as he leads you on an intimate tour of Dublin's most charming and famous ale houses, including The Stag's Head, Doheny & Nesbitt, Neary's and The Long Hall" I really enjoyed this Documentary. And I'll tell you what, I am seriously considering adding Dublin to by 2010 Eurotrip. Grade - 3 1/2 Burps

American Beer - It really had nothing to do with American beer. I think this was some sort of Canadian Independent movie. It was so boring and honestly, it sucked. I stopped it about half way through it. Don't waste your time. Grade - 1/2 Burp

Empires of Industry: Brewed in America. There is good and bad in this one. It traces of the history or beer to what it has become today. The bad it that it became Anheuser Busch. It was informative and enjoyable. However, it was a reminder of what beer has become in America. Decide for yourself. Grade - 3 Burps.

There are a few more in there, but nothing to write home about. I still have some very cool ones still in my Netflix queue.

Netflix, it's like Beer for your Brain.



adultwetwipes said...

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Brian P said...

You have to watch American Beer the 2004 documentary about a group of friends who go on a road trip to explore 38 breweries in 40 days. The American Beeer movie you watched is a terrible film. Search out the documentary if you can. It's worth it.

Good Burp said...

Brian, that is the next movie in my queue. However, it says under Availability - Unknown.

What the hell does that mean? Is it lost?

Are you sure you sent it back Brian?

Jenny said...

Not a beer show per se, but we're constantly watching Three Sheets - which may or may not be on Netflix. Certainly is available on Hulu though, and there's more than enough drinking in that show (and great places shown) for me.

Been wanting to watch the Historic Pubs video for a few months, will keep my eyes open for it in the queue.


Good Burp said...

Jenny, I have been a Three Sheets fanatic since the beginning. One of my favorite shows.

Check out Historic Pubs. Pefect show to drink a pint of Guinness.