Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sun Devil Burp

Could I have named my blog after the Arizona State Sun Devils? Even if I meant it in a good way? It all depends on who you ask.

I went to ASU (Go Devils). Does that give me the right to use the trademarked term "Sun Devil"? Well, I'm not an attorney, but I would love to be admitted to the ASU School of Law.

There are some nice Brew Pubs near Arizona State's Tempe campus. Four Peaks Brewing Company, Papago Brewing Company, and the brewery of which we speak, San Tan Brewing Company.

San Tan Brewing Company opened it's doors in fall of 2007. They are a young company in the Arizona Beer scene. I have never actually made it to their brewpub, but I have had plenty of their beer. One such beer is called, "Sun Devil Ale", and ASU doesn't like it.

Arizona State filed a cease and desist against San Tan, asking them to rename the ale. Ultimately, San Tan agreed to change the name of their beer.

It pains me to write the rest of this post. Why? Because I agree with ASU.

The term "Sun Devil" is a trademarked term, and San Tan was using it without permission. I wouldn;t like it if someone used a term I trademarked for their own benefit. I'm sure you wouldn't either.

Now don't get the wrong idea. I fight for the little guy (that is why I want to go to law school). I have been the little guy many, many times in legal battles. Just ask former Chicago Whitesox slugger, Frank Thomas about it. I can no longer "use the term Bighurt, or The Big Hurt" ever again (God, I hope I don't get sued for using the term "Bighurt" in my blog post).

To San Tan's defense, there are countless business around town using the Sun Devil name. For example, Sun Devil Auto, Sun Devil Plumbing, Sun Devil Boxers, Sun Devil Heating & Cooling Inc., Sun Devil Garage Door Repair, and on and on. There is even a Sun Devil Manufacturing which makes "top end custom billet aluminum rifle parts and accessories." But the best one in Sun Devil Liquors. Located walking distance from the main campus. So why single out San Tan? I couldn't tell you.

What does it all mean? That's not for us to decide. But what you can help decide is the new name for the former "Sun Devil Ale". Show San Tan your support, and vote. Better yet, stop by for a pint. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

One last thing, Wildcats Suck!



Anonymous said...
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Good Burp said...

Really? You think I should have bashed ASU and supported something I don't think is right?

All I did was state the facts, and my opinion of the issue. Last time I checked, the 1st Amendment is still effect.

As for "vague", at least have the "decency" to use a real account, and show who you really are. Why hide?

Remember, it's my blog and I can write what I want.

Good Burp said...

I removed the original comment that started this. It didn't seem to be from a real account, and it had a link to some Japanese porn site. But it said the following:

"If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague."