Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oktoberfest, Score!

You I know I love Oktoberfest. To bad it is so far away in Munchen, and I am out of vacation time for the rest of the year. Thank God that I can get some great Oktoberfest beer here!

Every September, I start to linger around the BevMo and the Total Wine like a fat guy at the buffet. Then it happens, the Oktoberfest beers hit the shelf! Lucky for me, I was there just in time.

Yes, I scored this year. After dropping $145, this is what I brought home.

1. Flying Dog - Dogtoberfest Marzen. I have to say (and I did last year) that this is my favorite of the Oktoberfest beers. Marzen is my favorite style to begin with. So to label one as my favorite, you know it has to be good! I talk, and gush, and pander to Flying Dog. But you know what, they just kick ass!
Grade: 4 burps

2. Leinenkugel's - Oktoberfest German style Marzen. This is the first year I have tried their Oktoberfest offering. I have had a few of the Leinenkugel's brews a long time ago. They seem to brew some good beers. So I knew that I was going to like this one. It is a nice Marzen beer. I do like it. Although it doesn't do anything to set it aside from the masses. Either way, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Grade: 3 burps

3. Paulaner - Oktoberfest Marzen. Ahh, a true German Oktoberfest beer. And I love it! This is what makes me proud to be German. You just can't go wrong with it. I have tried and tried to get a keg of this for my kegerator, but it just isn't happening. So I hate to stick with the bottles. A $1,000,000 in $100 bills is the same at $1,000,000 in $20's. It just takes up more space.
Grade: 3 1/2 Burps

4. Boston Brewery - Oktoberfest. I'll tell you a secret. I buy an extra case of this every year and store it in my auxiliary beer fridge. Because you never know when you are going to get that itch to celebrate Oktoberfest in February. So I am sure to have some on hand for such a regular occurrence. But this year, I splurged. I bought a keg of it. I added this beautiful Oktoberfest offering as the 4th keg in my kegerator. I hope it lasts until Halloween. I doubt it, but at least I have that stash in the garage fridge.
Grade: 3 1/2 Burps

5. Erdinger - Weissbrau Oktoberfest Weizen. This is new. An Oktoberfest Weizen. Honestly, it doesn't do it for me. When I think of Oktoberfest, I really don't want something sweet that reminds me of a Belgium Ale. I get it though. Some people really enjoy Heffes. I don't. I guess Erdinger figured that there was the need to make a other than traditional Oktoberfest beer for them. Overall, the beer isn't bad. It's just not an Oktoberfest, and I'm not a fan.
Grade: 2 1/2 burps.

6. Left Hand Brewing Co. - Oktoberfest. I applaud them. They pulled off a really nice tasting Oktoberfest. This is the first time I have had their Marzen. It is a differnet representation of an Oktoberfest Marzen however. But you know what, I like it. It's not my favorite, but it isn't bad.
Grade: 3 burps

I have a few other "seasonals" to try. They stopped short of calling them an "Oktoberfest". But I know what they were trying to acheive. I'll give them a shot this weekend, and let youknow what I think.

So until then, drink up, and celebrate along with the rest of the world. Happy Oktoberfest!


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