Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back!

I am back from vacation. My much needed, and much enjoyed "Beercation". Aside from not going to work for a week, the best part of a vacation (or beercation), is trying all the new beers. And I tried a lot!

I kept a notebook from the time I left, to the time I got home. It looks like I made 3 pages of notes just about beer. In addition, I took pictures of most of the beers I drank.

Note: People tend to give you funny looks when you take pictures of yourself holding a beer.
Note 2: People give you judgemental looks when you take a picture of a beer.

I hate to leave this post without all the info, but it just isn't ready yet. I am still downloading, and editing the photos. And I am trying to decipher all my notes. I think I will be able to blog just about every night about my beer adventures.

Sorry to tease, but these are my rules.


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