Friday, April 10, 2009

What was on tap this week? Not much. I have been busy going through all the multiple bottles I have in my beer fridge. I did have a few new ones, but the majority are those 2-6 bottles that seem to add up every time I bring home a new bottle or multi pack of bottles of the newest brew.

The first ones I went through were the Dogfish Head 60 IPA. Who doesn't love this beer? People who don't like beer. That is about it. 60 Minute is possibly one of the best beers ever created. So why would I stop there? I didn't.

Next, I moved on to the remaining bottles of Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head. I was able to score 2 four packs on "clearance" some time ago. But having 7 bottles in a little fridge isn't something a beer loving man can do. So I have been drinking them. I am going to leave a single bottle in there for the day I am "Jonesing" for it. That should be some time in July.

The next brewery on the list was Samuel Adams. Admit it, you have bought that variety case at one time or another. I gave away those horrid Cranberry Lambics a long time ago. But I still had a couple of the Old Fezziwig Ale and Black Lagers bottles. So I drank them. Not bad, but neither one makes my top 10 (or 20) list. However, I would rather drink these than a Miller any day.

After a bad day, when I needed to go to my "Happy Place", I cracked open a few of my Hofbrau Originals, from Munich. It is like a magic potion. No matter how bad my day was, Hofbrau makes it better. But when it was a really bad day, I opened the Hofbrau Dunkel from the bottom of the kegerator.

Hofbrau Munchen - Hofbrau Dunkel
I love German beer. It runs through my veins. So my opinion is completely biased, and I admit it up front. Therefore, I loved this beer. It reminded me of a Marzen. I think that is why I enjoyed it so much. On the malty side, with the expected caramel and light hint of hops. And a great, clean finish.

Review: 4 1/4 Burps

I do have a list of a few new one beers. I will write my reviews tomorrow.


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